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testWe are an international law firm offering legal services in Morocco. We conduct litigation for clients throughout Morocco and also in other countries through our correspondents. We are a member of Justitium International ( ) and have an extensive network of correspondent Lawyers within and outside this network, both within and outside Morocco.

You can use this site to check the prices of legal collection through court actions and to determine the exact cost of it. Checking the prices before contacting your Lawyer in Morocco makes you more confident about making decisions whether to start legal actions or not.

If a debtor does not duly and timely repay an owed debt, we are able to provide our clients with full range of legal services in all stages of court or arbitrary proceeding. We are able to provide pre-dispute analysis of legal issues that enable our clients to plan the best course of action and minimize the cost or risk of litigation. If necessary, we can also handle appeals at all levels of the appellate process, and we represent clients in all forms of alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation.

By interviewing our customers we found out, that the best part of our service is being able to define a fixed price for Legal services. Accepting this offer, our customer can easily decide whether to start the legal collection or not and to estimate the maximum cost that he will pay to get a enforcable verdict from the local Court.

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